St. Mary School German Village


Ticia Dillon

Admissions and Office Manager

Kimberly Thomas

3rd Grade

Luke Hanson

Technology Coordinator and Purchasing

Sarah Wentworth

School Nurse

Adam O’Connor

Accounting and Tuition

Marc Sterner

Assistant Principal

Alicia Wiltron

Scholarship Coordinator and Latino Community Coordinator

Emily Daugherty


Gretchen Schott

2nd Grade

Elizabeth Davis

5th Grade

Jenny Barryhill

Middle School Religion and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Dr. Diane Schwendenman


Ebony Powell

Administrative Assistant

Molly Feck

Pre- K Teacher

Sylvia Linda Cotter

4th Grade

Bryant Tela

7th and 8th Science, 8th Grade History

Maggie Dieringer

7-8th Grade Religion

Karen Grogg

Physical Education

Chelsey Hill


Roseanna Hanson

Cafeteria Director