Our Mission

Our mission is to love God, to teach as Christ taught, and to love and serve as disciples to others.

Our Vision

At Saint Mary School, we believe that our school should be a place where students are not only academically engaged and challenged, but also formed to be responsible citizens, compassionate individuals, and productive members of society.  

We believe that all children are capable of learning and growing, and we want to instill this mindset in our students so they become lifelong learners.  Therefore, we strive to have each student achieve 1.5 years growth every academic year regardless of where he/she started.     

At the core of everything that we do are the messages and teachings of the Catholic Church, and we desire to help lead all of our students to heaven.

We are excited and honored to invite you to join in this mission! 

Our Beliefs

  • Christ is the center of all that we think, say, and do.

  • Each student is welcomed as a valued individual with unique educational, intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs and is supported appropriately.

  • Literacy and mathematics are the foundation of student learning and are celebrated and supported through programs and resources in our school.

  • Students understand the value and dignity of each person, which is underscored by the celebration of the diversity that exits in our school, community, and Catholic Church.

  • Students gain real-world, 21st century skills throughout the curriculum, including specials classes, through the use of technology and a variety of challenging and engaging learning experiences.

  • Parental participation, support, and cooperation both outside and inside of school is essential for student success and will be supported and fostered by Saint Mary School in various ways.