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New Printer Functionality:Printers can now accept different paper types and reels. With paper sensors, AutoCAD automatically adjusts paper handling when it is inserted, when a spool is changed, and when the paper is removed. AutoCAD also automatically accounts for the difference between paper size and its maximum paper diameter, and adjusts to the longest printing length.ActiveX Printing:Print files directly from the application. Previously, to print, you needed to save the drawings in a file format that was supported, then launch AutoCAD, open the file, and print it.Hybrid G-Code:Use G-code with your system controller, or use 3D/2D Wire G-code. See all the benefits of 2D and 3D hybrid G-code with the new Hybrid G-code Editor: Create new plans, edit existing plans, and view and navigate all your work in a single view.Canvas Pro:Use your tablet’s pen to make note-taking easy and as intuitive as taking notes on paper. Capture annotations or thoughts directly from your hands with the TouchTools app. Use your tablet’s screen as a second display when you draw or edit your designs, or annotate.2D View and Drawing View:Edit your drawings in 2D while drafting and editing. Or continue working in 3D while drafting. As a result, you don’t need to use 3D Drafting tools if you’re just drafting in 2D.Multi-View Design:Use as many drawings as you need, and switch back and forth with the Shift+Tab keyboard shortcut or by clicking the upper-right tab. (Video: 1:40 min.)360-Degree View:Draw right over your 3D design with the 3D view. Zoom in for a better view of the design. Zoom out to see the rest of the drawing. (Video: 1:47 min.)Refresh and Reset:AutoCAD is easier to use by helping you get back to the place you were when you left off, no matter where you are in the drawing. Refresh provides a quick way to get back to a position that you’ve left off at. Reset helps you start fresh by returning the drawing to its original state.Supports WebAssembly 2be273e24d



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