Exceptional Education Open To All

For over 150 years, Saint Mary Church and School in German Village has proudly prioritized its mission to provide high quality, faith-based education to all our community’s children.

Saint Mary holistically develops each student morally and intellectually by nurturing both the mind
and the heart.

Why Saint Mary School?

The Catholic faith is at the heart of who we are and all that we do. All of our students and staff, regardless of their faith backgrounds, strive to be Christ-like in their words and deeds, and everyone takes part in daily prayer and weekly Mass.

Saint Mary School offers an extraordinarily unique learning environment with students who are geographically, economically, ethnically and religiously diverse.

Emphasizing self- discipline, hard work, character development and service, Saint Mary produces motivated, empathetic young citizens who are inspired to learn and who possess the skills to succeed.

Strength in Tradition

Strength in Academics

Saint Mary School understands the importance of viewing each child as an individual and strives to promote every student’s growth by providing top-notch curriculum, activities and resources.

Strength in Diversity

Strength in Faith


Saint Mary School is a Co-Ed Roman Catholic Primary School for Pre-School to 8th Grade in Columbus, OH.


700 South 3rd Street
Columbus, OH 43206